Attraction Bundle

I’m about to give you the lowdown on exactly what you’ve been doing WRONG to get girls so far, and how to quickly rectify these issues…

… and they really are simple when you know how to beat them.

Think of this as a little extra bonus, from me to you.

Big Mistake Number 1:
Guys Don’t Understand “Girl” fun

Fun for guys is usually some kind of game. Sports, video games, board games, whatever. But girls aren’t like that. Think about young kids… the boys are off playing war games and things, while the girls are more interested in playing house and acting out how their lives will be in the future.

This disconnect continues throughout the entire growing up process. It’s why so many men struggled to connect with the girls they’re attracted to. This means the girls gravitate to men that DO understand what’s fun for them, or just female friends.

Big Mistake Number 2:
Most guys struggle to cross the physical gap

Sometimes 6 inches can be the largest distance to cross in the world.

I think every guy in the world has experienced that feeling, when he just wants to reach out and touch her but he’s worried she’ll freak out or that he’s moving too fast. The problem is most guys don’t know how to tell if a girl is ok with being touched.

Getting the girl to initiate the touch makes life much easier, but most guys just don’t know how to get a girl to do that.

Big Mistake Number 3:
Most guys don’t challenge girls

Girls love playing games with guys. It’s fun to them to see just how far that can push a guy to do what they want with just a hint that something might happen between them. Most guys readily jump to attention for a pretty girl just for the promise of pussy. He’ll do whatever she wants in the hopes that she might return his affections and decide to date him.

The girl of course has no reason to do this, after all she’s got a bunch of guys doing whatever she wants and she doesn’t even have to do so much as kiss them. The only way to combat this is to challenge her in a way that gets her to realize you’re not such a pushover.

The guys that a girl will go for are all people who don’t just do whatever she wants. They’ve learned the perfect balance between being helpful and being used.

Big Mistake Number 4:
Most guys are afraid to voice their own opinions

No one likes a “yes man”, including women.

The problem here is that when guys are presented with a pretty face they fall into the habit of just agreeing with anything a hot girl says. This leads to some pretty boring conversations that pretty much just involve the guy nodding and saying yes. Hardly the kind of interaction that’s going to get a girl aroused.

Big Mistake Number 5:
Most guys are too available

We often perceive something as being valuable when it is unavailable to us. After all, if you can just buy an everyday car that gets you from point A to point B, then why do we lust after the more expensive and unique models? It’s the lack of availability to us that increases this desire. Whether it’s because we can’t afford it or because it is a limited edition, the harder something is to obtain the more desirable it is to get.

Guys often make the mistake of saying things like “I’ll always be there for you”, and “If you ever want someone to speak to I’m here” or “When you’re next single I’d love to date you”. These phrases and more importantly, the place where they come from, means that a girl can always keep you in reserve and keep looking for that bigger, better deal.

Big Mistake Number 6:
Most guys don’t get sexual

Women are sexual creatures. You only have to look at the way to dress to see that. The problem is they don’t want to have sex thrust upon them. They want it to rise slowly and to feel the sensation of arousal grow within them.

While most guys idea of sexual escalation involves a pizza and a six pack of beer before getting down and dirty, a girl needs something more, and if you don’t turn her on correctly you’re just not going to get her to want to be sexual with you.

Now, I think you’ll agree those six mistakes have definitely affected you at some point.

But why am I telling you this stuff?

Because like I said a few times now, I want you to have every single tool possible to help you meet more girls, get more sex, and live the open, amazing life that I know is out there waiting for you.

How do I know it’s out there?

Because that’s the exact life I live – and I’ve been through the exact transition you’re about to go through. And I used to live the life of a regular guy, held back by all this different stuff…

… but I broke free of it, so I know you can too.

You see, I’ve put together my three most popular, most useful programs into a package.

I chose these three programs, Breaking Rapport, Qualification, and my Bootleg Bundle because they tie in PERFECTLY with the stuff you’ll learn inside Hot Girl in 7 Days, and they’ll quickly help you side-step any of those Big 6 Mistakes we just talked about.

In fact, these three programs, are easily responsible for the majority of my students’ successes…

… and the techniques you’ll see revealed inside will give you a major advantage when it comes to using the 7 day hot girl method.

In fact, the things inside here could rapidly speed up your journey, so it takes you nowhere near 7 days to land a hot girl of your own.

I’m talking about secrets like this:

• How to talk directly to someone’s subconscious mind and insert ideas they’ll start thinking are their own so you can take the conversation where you want it to go without being obvious about it

• How to handle the “I have a boyfriend” response and use Preloading to find out for sure if she really has a boyfriend before you decide whether she’s worth pursuing any further or not

• How to use Preloaded Questions to influence her thinking without getting rejected, turning her off, or seeming manipulative

• Decide exactly who you want to be dating, then find out quickly if she qualifies – that is, if you really want to be dating her in the first place BEFORE you invest a lot of time and energy in the relationship

• Don’t waste any more time talking to people you don’t really want to be spending time with and dating – instead spend your time talking to those you really do want to date – save huge amounts of time and avoid the eventual frustration of realizing she’s not who you thought she was until months later…

• Also use Identification to find out how she’ll behave in certain key situations that are important to you – well in advance before these circumstances actually come up so you know what to expect and you can avoid potentially unpleasant surprises

• Add the updated version of “The Question Game” to your conversation to avoid boring the other person or sounding like you’re interrogating her

• Use Investment to make the other person work harder than you at making your initial interactions work because the harder they work, and the more they invest in the conversation, the greater the chances that they’ll like you

• How increased investment leads invariably to increased attraction because the more you invest in something the more interested you become in it and the more you care about it

• Detailed coaching on the art and craft of beginning and maintaining engaging conversations and using various types of interactions to get to know people in greater depth by probing beneath the surface in powerful ways

• You’ll learn how to steer conversations where you want them to go. And you’ll know where you want them to go! Amazing…

• You can make sure that if somebody dates you, they’re dating you in the way that you want; somebody who actually wants a relationship with you or who is okay with you seeing other people

• Powerful techniques of forced learning make people do the kind of things that you want them to do and to keep it up – you can hold them to their statements

• How to quickly find authentic connections with hot women you’ve never even met before.

• How to have engaging conversations with almost anybody, as soon as you meet them.

• How to become more self-assured in any social setting, particularly around women.

• How to establish rapport and build trust with a woman, even when meeting her for the first time.

• How to get a woman emotionally invested in having a relationship with you.

• How to mingle with the most gorgeous girls in the room.

• What to do on the dance floor if you don’t know how to dance.

• How to attract girls on the dance floor without trying to imitate Michael Jackson.

• How to get compliance from the hot chick’s group of friends.

• How to get a group of people dancing together and building rapport.

• How to dance with two girls at once – even if you still don’t know how to dance.

• How to entrance your partners with a simple rhythm.

• How to escalate sexual attraction with a simple push and pull move.

• Understand why women are especially compliant on the dance floor.

• How to build sexual energy and make out on the dance floor with the woman you choose.

• The dance floor does not have to be your weakness – No dance lessons required!

• Learn the difference between good touching and bad touching.

• How to avoid awkward touching.

• Find out all the places you can’t touch a woman when you’re first meeting.

• Learn the very safest place to touch a girl when you first meet her.

• Find out how to start conversations with anyone you want, including the hottest chicks.

• How to justify touching women in sensitive places right away without turning them off.

• How to quickly get into a woman’s inner circle of people she likes to touch.

• How to get girls to hug you when you first meet.

• Find out the one hug that is never wrong and how to escalate it into naughtier hugs.

• How to get permission from her girlfriends to justify your advances.

• A great opener that almost never fails to get her linking arms and talking with you.

• Why dancing is a great way to get sexual and how to use it to build sexual tension.

• How to test if she wants to be kissed and how to make her want to.

• Justifying sexual advances in public places while testing for compliance.

• Understand the special power of third-party introductions.

• How to create commonality by matching negativity with negativity (advanced).

• Match negativity to create a strong bond and create compliance.

• How to recognize bitchy hot women in advance, and then how to pick them up!

• How to recognize beautiful women you can’t possibly impress and what to do about it.

• How to understand what makes certain gorgeous women bitchy and win them over anyway.

• The importance of isolating women to move to the next level and how to do it.

• How to get a bitchy but gorgeous girl out of her shell, and expose her soft heart inside

• Creating the proper mindset for continual improvement of your pick up game.

• How to overcome your fear of making an approach.

• When to analyze the situation and when to act quickly without too much thinking.

• The secret to training yourself to continually become a better pick up artist.

• The proper way to analyze your past experiences to get the most out of them.

• Learn advanced testing methods to improve your techniques.

• You can’t judge how well an approach works for you by doing it once, repetition is key.

• How to figure out what upset her when you don’t know what went wrong. Hint: she may have
politely ignored what she really didn’t like.

• Understanding her body language and behavioral cues.

• You can’t get better if you keep fixing the wrong things.

• The value of keeping a diary to track your progress and keep you motivated.

• You won’t know what crazy idea works best for you unless you test, test, test.

• Failures won’t slow you down a bit – never feel discouraged with the right mindset.

• The awesome power of teaching and helping others.

• A system for how to develop your very own game (Adam does not usually teach this)!

• And much, much more…

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